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Haro Gran Via 4V Oak Portland Nature Laminate Floor Tritty 100

$1.75 sq. ft.

Haro Gran Via 4V Oak Portland Nature TC 8 x 243 x 2200mm is a high-quality laminate floor by Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG with the following construction:
1. Overlay, specially impregnated (durable protective layer)
2. Decorative laminate, specially impregnated
3. Special moisture control HDF E1 coreboard aquaResist
4. Balancing laminate
5. Back of the board: Optional Silent Pro insulation layer or Silent CT (ComforTec)

Package Size: 28.85 sq/ft. Minimum order 5 boxes.

Actual coverage (sq. ft.) 144.25
Sub Total $252.44
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Colour / Shade

Medium, Natural, Beige

Plank Width

7" and above